FSReader 3

NOTE: For those of you participating in the live Webinar, the following link will open the documentation in a new browser window Opens in a new window.

FSReader 3 is automatically installed with JAWS 15 and later. It is our free DAISY book reader/player.

Starting FSReader from the Help Menu

To start FSReader, switch to the JAWS window, and then press ALT+H to open the Help menu. Then press ENTER on Training, the first item in the Help menu. FSReader opens with the table of contents showing. Use the same keys for reading that you normally do in HTML or Web page documents. You can use the JAWS list of links, list of headings, navigation quick keys, and more. Press F1 at any time to open the Getting Started with FSReader book for more help.

Starting FSReader from the Desktop

Alternatively, to start FSReader from the desktop, press WINDOWS Key+D to move to the desktop, and then press the letter F until focus moves to the FSReader 3 icon. Once you find the icon, press ENTER to start FSReader. When you open FSReader this way, the Table of Contents does not open automatically. Use the File, Open command or press CTRL+O, and then navigate to and open any DAISY materials you have installed on your local hard drive.

EXERCISE: Practice opening FSReader using both of the methods above along with the instructor.

Getting Help in FSReader

To get help in FSReader, open the Getting Started with FSReader help topic by either of the following methods:

Return to the Table of Contents from within any Book

To quickly return to the table of contents from within any other DAISY book, choose one of the following methods:

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