Getting Started with FSReader

Freedom Scientific's FSReader DAISY player software opens a world of accessible reading material for people who are blind or visually impaired. DAISY is an acronym for Digital Accessible Information System. FSReader delivers a host of powerful navigation tools for reading.

The majority of Freedom Scientific's training materials are in DAISY format. With formats other than DAISY, such as audio cassette and CD, you could only navigate forward and backward in a linear fashion. The structure of FSReader allows you to navigate in much finer, smaller elements, such as the tree view of major headings, as well as by words, sentences, paragraphs, and so on. When text is available you can even perform searches and insert bookmarks! With FSReader and the DAISY format, navigation is much quicker and more efficient.

There are many kinds of DAISY books, ranging from audio only to text only. Books with both full text and full audio offer the fullest and richest reading experience. You may also use FSReader to read other DAISY books besides those created by Freedom Scientific.

NOTE: The text area of the book in FSReader 3 is now in HTML format, which means you can navigate using the same techniques that you use on the Web. You can use navigation quick keys, the list of links, the list of headings, and more.

The table below lists a few of the more common navigation quick keys. Choose this link for a more complete list of JAWS navigation quick keys Opens in a browser window.

Commonly Used Navigation Quick Keys

Description Quick Key
Radio Button A
Button B
Combo Box C
Edit Box E
Form Control F
Graphic G
Heading H
PlaceMarker K
List L
Paragraph P
Region R
Table T
Check Box X

Installing FSReader

FSReader is automatically installed with JAWS and MAGic. This gives all JAWS and MAGic users a free DAISY reader to use with all of our training materials.

After you install JAWS or MAGic you can find FSReader on the Start screen in Windows 8, the desktop in all versions of Windows, and in the Start menu under Programs or All Programs in Windows 7 and Vista.

Starting FSReader

There are several ways to start FSReader and open a book. For either JAWS or MAGic the easiest way to start FSReader is to do one of the following:

  1. Switch to the JAWS window (INSERT+J) or MAGic user interface (CAPS LOCK+U).
  2. Press ALT+H to open the Help menu.
  3. Press ENTER on the first item in the Help menu, Training. FSReader opens, and the Training Materials Table of Contents document automatically opens. Focus is in the document pane on the right side of the FSReader window.

In Windows 8 just type FSReader from the Start screen, and then press ENTER. You may also type FSReader in the search edit box of the Start menu in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

In Windows 7 and earlier, you can also start FSReader by navigating to it in the Start menu, Programs or All Programs group. When you select it there, just press ENTER to start the program.

Additionally, you can start FSReader by activating the shortcut on the desktop. Press WINDOWS Key+D to move to the desktop list view. Press F until you find the shortcut for FSReader, and then press ENTER to start it.

When a document opens in FSReader, the virtual cursor is in the document area on the right side of the program window. Just use the normal HTML (or Web page) reading commands to read and navigate through the document. The Table of Contents document contains the following major headings:

NOTE: When FSReader opens from locations other than the Help > Training location, the Table of Contents does not automatically open. If you wish to open the Table of Contents at any time, go to the File menu of FSReader and choose Open JAWS Training Table of contents. Alternatively, just press the hot key CTRL+J to open the JAWS Table of Contents without having to open the File menu. If MAGic is running you will also find the MAGic Table of Contents listed in the File menu, or you may press CTRL+M to open the MAGic Table of Contents without having to open the File menu.

DAISY books from the Freedom Scientific Training Department automatically install to the proper location on your computer's hard drive so that FSReader for either JAWS or MAGic can find them. The location of those DAISY training materials is:

C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Training\[product name JAWS or MAGic]\enu

Closing FSReader

To close FSReader do one of the following:

NOTE: FSReader remembers the place where you stop reading. When you open the book the next time and are ready to start again, FSReader opens your book to exactly where you left off.

New User Interface

FSReader 3.0 is new for JAWS 15. It is now in an HTML format, which means you can use the same keystrokes to read with as you do on Web pages and in HTML help systems. The user interface has also been re-designed.

The new FSReader 3.0 program window

        The new FSReader 3.0 program window

The user interface has a tree view on the left side of the dialog box, called the navigation pane, and the text of the book is in a window on the right side of the dialog box, the document pane. The user interface, or program window, for FSReader is described in further detail below. Look for the section, "The User Interface for FSReader," later in this document.

Opening the DAISY Training Materials from the Table of Contents

When FSReader opens from the Help menu > Training, it automatically loads the Table of Contents document. In the Table of Contents document there are links for each DAISY book, as well as links to more resources on the Web. You may use the JAWS or MAGic list of links, INSERT+F7, to open any of the DAISY books. Alternatively, you can press TAB or SHIFT+TAB to move forward and backward through the links. When reading through the document by using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys, each link appears on a separate line in the virtual buffer, so you can also press ENTER on a link to open it.

NOTE: DAISY books provided by Freedom Scientific are also readable with other DAISY players. Freedom Scientific provides FSReader for you to be able to read our training material and other documents we create.

If you installed the training materials during the JAWS or MAGic installation from the program DVD, you can also find them on your hard drive in the C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Training folder. Beneath the Training folder, you then find separate folders for JAWS and MAGic training materials.

NOTE: If you choose a link for a DAISY book from the Table of Contents that is not installed, provided that you have an Internet connection, FSReader will automatically install the book for you.

Opening DAISY Books using the File Open Dialog Box or the File Menu

To open a book using the File Open dialog box, press CTRL+O, and then browse to a DAISY book folder on your computer. The title of the book shows in the list of files. Just press ENTER on the book name to open it. Alternatively, you can also press ALT+F to open the file menu and then choose Open in the menu. Additionally, you may press ALT+F followed by the number 1 through 5 to open any of the last five books you had previously opened. Number one in the list is the most recent book that had been opened.

Using FSReader with Narrated Audio and Training Materials

With FSReader you have the ability to play, pause, skip ahead, or skip backwards through narrated audio DAISY materials without actually having to be in the FSReader user interface. This is GREAT for training purposes. What this means is that you can be listening to a DAISY book about training and open a practice document, for example, in Microsoft® Word or Internet Explorer, or any other application. You can stay in the practice document and still control FSReader audio with this feature! You no longer have to press ALT+TAB to move between the FSReader program and back again to your practice files. Just stay within the practice file, and use the following keystrokes to control the FSReader audio in the background (if audio is available in the DAISY book):

NOTE: Since CTRL+P is also normally used as a hot key within applications to access the print dialog box, when FSReader is running, this hot key will not open the print dialog box. Instead, if FSReader is open in the background, this hot key controls the audio play and pause feature. If you need to print a document while FSReader is running, use the application's regular menu commands to print. Normally, that means just press ALT+F to open the file menu of that program and then press P to open the print dialog box.

Getting the Latest Training Materials

Whenever you choose to open a Freedom Scientific training DAISY book from the Table of Contents in FSReader, FSReader automatically does a check in the background to see if there is a newer book available. If a newer version of the book is available, but is not yet installed, FSReader will ask you if you want to download it.

The New Version Available dialog box for DAISY books in FSReader 3

        The New Version Available dialog box for DAISY books in FSReader 3

In the image above, the text reads:

A newer version of the book "9 Surfs Up, Surfing the Internet" is available. Do you want to download it?

This book teaches general navigation on the World Wide Web. Learn how to read Web pages, navigate in Internet Explorer, use tabbed browsing, and get help in Internet Explorer. Practice with headings, lists, links, forms, tables, and more.
Yes button, No button

When you answer, "Yes," FSReader automatically and seamlessly installs it for you, and then loads the new book.

The User Interface for FSReader

Beginning with JAWS 15, for DAISY books that have text, the text of the books appear in HTML, or Web page format, in the document pane of FSReader. The document pane is located on the right side of the window, and the left side of the window contains a tree view for navigating in the book by headings, chapters, pages, and so on, depending on how the book is structured by the author. The new user interface has the following items, starting at the top of the window:

These panes can be sized with a mouse if desired. As one traverses up and down the tree view, the text of the document scrolls to stay in sync. Conversely, as one reads through the text of a book in the document pane, the tree view node for that section of the book is highlighted and stays in sync. To switch between the navigation pane and the document pane, press the F6 key. The navigation pane may be closed, if desired, to allow the document pane to take up the entire FSReader window. This can be done through the View menu, and it is discussed in the descriptions of the menu items below. When FSReader opens, the navigation pane is always visible initially, even if it was closed in the prior session.

Exploring the Menus

The menu bar in FSReader is the second row of the window, just below the Title bar.

File Menu

The File menu contains the following items:

View Menu

The View menu contains the following items:

To toggle the check mark of an item in this menu to off or on, open the menu and press ENTER on that item. The menus close and the check mark is turned on or off.

The Spotlight Settings menu item opens the Spotlight Settings dialog box. The spotlight highlights the current unit in the document as you read. The spotlight color by default is black text on a yellow background. You may use this dialog box to change not only the spotlight background and text color, but also the entire document background and text color.

The Spotlight Settings dialog box.

        The Spotlight Settings dialog box

Audio Menu

The Audio menu contains the following items:

Navigation Menu

The Navigation menu contains the following items:

Bookmarks can be very handy for going back to particular spots of a book, and the Find command, of course, is a great feature!

The View Bookmarks dialog box

        The View Bookmarks dialog box


The Help menu contains the following items:

Read Textbooks and Other Content from Learning Ally

FSReader can also play audiobooks from Learning Ally. Learning Ally is the nationís largest audio textbook library serving people with print and learning disabilities stemming from physical, visual, or other challenges. It offers more than 75,000 digital titles, ranging from math and science books to literary classics, from kindergarten level through graduate school. Learning Ally members should contact Learning Ally for a user authorization key (UAK) Opens in a new browser window. When you contact Learning Ally at 1-800-221-4792 for a UAK, you will receive a CD with an application that, when run, authorizes FSReader to read the Learning Ally books. You will also receive a special PIN code to enter when you wish to access Learning Ally content. You will be prompted to enter this code when you open a Learning Ally book from the File menu.

Other DAISY Books

Links to other DAISY books from Freedom Scientific can be found in the Table of Contents document for FSReader, which opens automatically when FSReader is launched from the Help > Training menu in JAWS. If you have opened a different book, you can go back to the Table of Contents document by pressing ENTER on it in the File menu. If JAWS Training is installed, you may also use CTRL+J, and if MAGic training is installed, you may also use CTRL+M. You may also find additional DAISY books on the Freedom Scientific Training Downloads Web page. Opens in a new browser window

The training downloads page has all of the current training materials for JAWS, MAGic, OpenBook, and the PAC Mate accessible pocket PC in one convenient place! Many of the files are in DAISY format and are also available in MP3 format. Be sure to check the table of contents document in FSReader, or visit the training downloads page often for new training materials as they become available.

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