JAWS Certification: What is it and how do I prepare for it?

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The JAWS Certification Program is an online knowledge-based exam for consultants, trainers, agency staff, and JAWS users. Its purpose is to

Upon successful completion of the exam and payment of certification fees, you will receive your certificate by mail.

Why was it created?

How it works

The certification exam is a fully JAWS accessible online exam that you can take at anytime. It consists of 85 randomly selected questions from different categories of JAWS knowledge. The questions have either radio buttons or check boxes and there is a one hour time limit. When finished, a page will display your score and if you passed the exam with a score of 80% or higher, a link will allow you to purchase the exam. Your results will also be sent in an email to the address you entered on the registration page. If you did not pass the exam you can see which categories you missed questions in and go back and review information in those categories. When ready, you can take the exam again up to a maximum of five times per year.

What to study

The JAWS certification exam covers a wide range of product knowledge. It is not limited to just using the product, but enhancing your knowledge from installation procedures, to where to look when you need to access product information.

The exam contains a variety of questions from the following categories:

Exam resources

The study materials are all available in the current version of JAWS and on the Freedom Scientific Web site. If you have a current version of JAWS and a connection to the Internet, then you already have what you need to study for this exam. No additional study materials are required. The exam questions are based on guides, help topics, DAISY training materials, and Web resources.

The study time for this exam is approximately 10 hours. That time is based on listening to all basic training material, and suggested DAISY books, reading the guides and Web sites, and studying the exact JAWS Help topics.

Study time will vary with your experience. Based on the seven categories, you may need to concentrate on some areas more than others. It is recommended that you take your time and become familiar with all the study materials.

As you read the study materials, occasionally an aspect of certain features will describe how a user would perform the same function if they were using JAWS and MAGic together. As part of your product certification, you must consider how these products work together, so that you can support and share your knowledge in your professional setting. Your exam may contain a question in this area.

For a full list of exam resources to study, visit the JAWS Certification Program Details page.

Taking the exam

NOTE: When you are ready to begin the exam it is important to make sure you have one hour of time in which you will not be interrupted. Once you begin the exam you cannot pause it.

Exam log on

A Web page link at the bottom of the JAWS Certification Details page will take you to the exam log on page. You must complete your full name and e-mail address in the edit fields, and then press TAB to move to the Start Test button. Your exam page will load, followed by a dialog notifying you that you have 60 minutes to complete your exam. Press the OK button and begin.

During the exam

At the mid-point of the exam, a dialog will appear and alert that you are at the halfway point in the exam. You have 30 more minutes from that point, press the OK button and continue your exam.

The time remaining may show on the status bar in Internet Explorer, depending on your security settings. You can read this by pressing INSERT+PAGE DOWN at any time during the exam. Alternatively, the virtual cursor may read the time even if it is not visible on the status bar by pressing CTRL+END to move to the bottom of the exam page. Before you move from where you are in the middle of the exam to the bottom of the page you can set a temporary PlaceMarker on the question to easily move back to your spot in the exam. Press CTRL+WINDOWS Key+K to set the temporary PlaceMarker or move it to another spot later in the exam. Press K to move back to your spot after checking the time.

At the end of each question a Resource for that exam question will be noted. It will appear like this: (Resource: JAWS Help). This is a reference for you.

Exam navigation

The exam is a Web page, so standard JAWS navigation keys in HTML documents apply. For example, pressing P to move by paragraph moves you between the questions and possible answers. You can also press R to move to each radio button or X to move to each check box.

Submitting your exam

When you complete the test, press the Submit Test Now button at the end of the Web page. Please note - if you do not press the Submit Test Now button your exam results will not be recorded. If you do not finish the exam in the allotted time, a dialog appears at the end of 60 minutes and tells you your time is up. You will need to press OK on the dialog button and your exam will be submitted automatically.

When you submit your exam, the exam page will close and you will be taken to another Web page with your results. From there, you can read your final score percentage and review your scores in each of the seven categories.

Live demonstration and practice

Use the following link to navigate to the exam start page and follow along with the instructor to practice accessing the exam.

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